What’s a Socketeer?

Sock·e·teer (säkə-‘tîr)
noun: a volunteer for Ball & Socket Arts
verb: to give your valuable time & energy to making Ball & Socket Arts a reality

Are you a Socketeer?

Socketeers are also the coolest people on the planet. They love this project, they want it to succeed, so they step up and become part of the team that will propel us to success. There are no strings attached. You can help in whatever capacity suits you best. We put out a call to the Socketeers and they answer!



There are many opportunities for getting the word out and meeting people in our community. Our network of friends and supporters grows exponentially with each Socketeer who joins our group.


Valuable skills

Some Socketeers have shared their incredible skills for Ball & Socket Arts. Here, professional mural painter extraordinaire, Tony Falcone, works on the Art Garage Sign he designed and executed in the summer of 2015.


Do you want to join the Socketeers?

A Socketeer can help Ball & Socket Arts in many ways. For example, you could:

  • Work the table at an event

  • Be a docent at our gallery

  • Acquire in-kind donations

  • Help with administrative tasks

  • Forge important contacts

  • Roll up your sleeve and do some physical work

  • Serve on a Committee

  • Help organize fundraisers

  • Meet some amazing people and be a part of an incredible story!

Click the button below to begin the process of becoming a Socketeer. The form will first ask which projects you would like to volunteer for. Click apply at the bottom and a second form will allow you to enter your contact information.