"Our Windows: Seeing Art in an Industrial Past" is a collection of stunning photographs by seventeen artists, both professional and amateur, who have toured the Ball & Socket factory with their cameras. The beauty of their images, especially those of the many windows within the complex, inspired us to begin our Bricks & Glass capital campaign with window sponsorships. The artists featured in this book are: Karin Arai, Doris Bens, Joy Bush, Rick Ciaburri, Joan Fitzsimmons, Corley Fleming, Tom Hearn, Gary Lohr, Robert C. Marsala, David Ottenstein, Gary Richards, Ilona Somogyi, Melanie Stengel, Gabrielle Jacqueline Tougas, Agnes Wnuk, Gregory Wolff, and Marjorie Wolfe.

"Our Windows" is offered as a free gift to window sponsors of $6000 and above. Other window sponsors may purchase it at an additional charge. We are not offering it to the general public at this time.

Sample Pages

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