Founders Statement

We are working to transform the historic Ball & Socket factory in Cheshire, CT into a world-class arts and entertainment complex housing art galleries, performing spaces, studio and co-work spaces, restaurants and retail establishments. When operational, Ball & Socket Arts will present its own curated exhibitions and programs, and offer our spaces to other arts and community service organizations, both professional and amateur, for meetings, events and presentations of their work.

We hope Ball & Socket will become a hub of arts and community activity where passionate people can discover, work and learn alongside one other for the betterment of all.


Why This Place?

Old factories given new life as cultural centers have proven to be successful engines of community focus, identity, and economic development in former industrial towns across the country. The growing movement around creative placemaking reflects a broad desire for the preservation of multi-faceted public environments and the recognition that inspiring places can be incubators for inspired activity. The arts offer unique opportunities for bringing people together across economic, social and cultural boundaries.

The buildings' scale, architectural beauty, central location, enduring place in the local imagination make the former Ball & Socket factory an ideal location for a cultural and entertainment hub in central Connecticut.



The various buildings and outdoor spaces within the complex afford opportunities for arts, entertainment, dining and retail use that are not to be found elsewhere in the region under one roof. Arts programming and commercial and recreational activity will interact symbiotically in mutual support. Exhibitions, concerts, film screenings and theater productions will bring a diverse customer base to the retail and dining establishments, and commercial customers may interact with arts presentations in unexpected ways. The site's proximity and direct access to the Farmington Canal linear and it's location at the heart of the West Main Street commercial zone give it potential unmatched by any other property in the area. The operational plan for Ball & Socket Arts is based on diversified income steam where core arts activity funded by earned and donated income will be supported by additional earned income from commercial tenants.



The founders and co-artistic directors of Ball & Socket Arts are three Cheshire natives who graduated Cheshire High School together in 1986. They bring diverse talents and backgrounds to this special project...


We believe this old factory is uniquely beautiful, and uniquely well suited for the scope of our project and its constituency...